Undergraduate Courses


Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics

Elements of chemical engineering thermodynamics, including equilibrium and stability; equations of state; generalized correlations of properties of materials; properties of ideal and non-ideal mixtures; thermodynamics of real solutions; ideal and non-ideal phase equilibria; chemical equilibria for ideal and non-ideal solutions.


CBE 100

Introduction to Numerical Methods in Engineering

An introduction to the fundamentals of numerical analysis and the computer algorithms in MATLAB for the solution of chemical engineering problems. The course objective is to familiarize undergraduate students with the mechanics and implementation of built-in computer-based functions for the solution of relevant problems in science and engineering. Lecture topics include introduction to MATLAB fundamentals, error analysis, solution of linear and nonlinear systems of algebraic equations, data fitting, numerical differentiation and integration, solution of ordinary differential equations, and applied problems in chemical engineering.


CBE 120C

Mass Transfer

Molecular and continuum approaches to diffusion and convection mass transfer in fluids and multi-component mixtures; mass transfer rates; steady state, quasi-steady state, and transient mass transfer; effect of reactions on mass transfer; convective mass transfer coefficients; simultaneous mass, heat, and momentum transfer; applications to chemical and related industries.


Graduate Courses

CBE 220A

Transport Phenomena I

Fundamentals of Transport Phenomena, differential formulation of transport equations, scaling concepts, solution methods for bounded and unbounded multivariable problems, unidirectional flow and lubrication approximation, creeping flow, boundary layer theory, and forced convection heat and mass transfer.


CBE 200

Applied Engineering Mathematics I

Analytical techniques applied to engineering problems in transport phenomena, process dynamics and control, and thermodynamics.


CBE 282

Colloid Science and Engineering

Course topics include chemistry of colloids, thermodynamics of surfaces, basic molecular and colloidal forces, phase behavior of colloidal suspensions, Brownian motion and suspension dynamics, rheology of complex fluids, structural and dynamical probes, and advanced topics.


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